"tantric massage is about creating the safe environment "

Thomas joined our team as another tantric masseur. Although he is a young men, his tantric maturity can pleasantly surprise all women who want to experience the loving tantric massage.

I became interested in tantra several years ago, although at that time not yet fully about tantra itself. 

In today's world, the concept of sexuality and its deeper meaning is somewhat neglected, unused and sometimes completely suppressed. However tantra sexual energy is considered as the strongest and most available energy which can achieve health of body, mind and soul.

My own sexuality forced me to look for a way to not waste my energy of life and use it for my own benefit.

Unconscious wasting of my sexual energy led to fatigue, irritability and disharmony, which sparked my way of searching. Gradually I began to understand that we as all the people have perfect tool for loving and joyful life just not often realized. Tantra teaches us to stop in time, to postpone the fears and fully resonate with the vibration of love all around.

Through the conscious touch we postpone future and the past and we are focused only on the presence. 

"Tantric Massage is about creating the safe environment where you can come to a full awareness of yourself and your sexual energy."

It offers a sense of unconditional acceptance and love, which is the cornerstone of a harmonious and fulfilled life of every human being. It helps us on the way of exploring the inner worlds and merging with the universe ..



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