Thanks to her loving touch you can gain new life energy.

We are introducing you our tantric masseuse Káťa, who became pleasant strengthens for our team. Thanks to her experience with yoga she is really calm and full of youthful life energy.

I was always interested in the fact how huge impact has our psyche and life satisfaction on our health.

At the high school I was dealing with diet and how much we are affected by what we eat every day. At college I experienced yoga and it instantly became part of my life. 

At first I could feel little changes. My body became clean and more flexible. Gradually I realized that I could breathe better.  I could  feel what makes me sick and what makes me fine as I started to be more sensitive and conscious to myslef - to my body and soul. During my yoga lessons I try to share with the others that everyone is his own master as during tantric massages.

"For me tantra massage means a wonderful combination of body and beauty understanding with an overall soothing and gaining new life energy and love."

Aware touch brings into the present moment and creates a space for awareness of what is really important to us.

Tantric massage deepens the perception and awaken the senses.

It is the experience of the present moment awareness and the beauty of ordinary existence. It helps to relax and gain new life energy.

Tantra heals by gentle touch, love, self-acceptance and sexual energy.


28. 3. 2017 MARCEL

Thank you Káťa for an extraordinary experience. 


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